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You want to get to know yourself better and,
explore the exciting world of your personality?

You want to discover your potential and mental strength?

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Mental training can be applied in different areas of life. For example, when faced with challenges, it's useful to have a few mental tools at hand. In addition to the training path, I also offer personal coaching, in which these mental skills can be learned. The most popular topics are listed here.


Realize projects

Creating something is the most fulfilling and beautiful thing in the world.

You have an idea or a dream and want to realize it. But how exactly do you go about it?

Ikone Mentaltraining - Burnout


The documents are piling up on the desk, the mails are piling up in the inbox, the household has to be done again and now also the bike has to be taken to the mechanic.

Mental techniques and resilience can help us not drown in the sea of things.

Ikone Mentaltraining - Vorsätze

Keep resolutions

Who doesn't know this: The new year has begun and you are full of motivation to tackle several resolutions at once, but can you do this successfully?

Mental training helps to set priorities and to persevere.

Ikone Mentaltraining - Glaubenssätze

Recognize belief systems

Beliefs, are not just sentences but stories we tell ourselves over and over again. We are so used to them that most of the time we don't even notice them anymore. So they can either get in the way of our success or support it.

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